Cheri collection prices

Only target prices have been stated, as each Cheri model can vary, being a word, a name, a place or any of your wishes.

Each piece of jewelery is made of 750 (18kt) gold, embellished with a genuine natural diamond carefully selected for you.


from 180 €

Rigid bracelet

from 300 €

Cord bracelet

with natural Cord
from 250 €


from 360 €

Earrings Lobo

Earrings single heart
180 €

Earrings Ring

Single ring
from 340 €


With heart terminal
and adjustable rolò
from 360 €

Online? No thanks.
In an increasingly purely virtual era, we have decided not to deal with direct sales despite the convenience of buying online. We believe that the human and professional relationship established between jewelers and customers is of primary importance. Only the care and attention of a specialist can guide you to discover the world of Cheri and the whole “Maison Govoni” in all its precious aspects, until your perfect jewel’s purchase, as if it were a "tailor-made" dress created with love for you.