Maison Govoni’s values are shared by all their collaborators, and they can be summarized as follows:

CUSTOMERS CARE - Every Govoni creation wants to interpret the customers’ desire, whether it is a gift for theirselves, or a gift for someone else with a special meaning. The relationship does not finish at the time of sale but it wants to continue in the after-sales, to ensure complete satisfaction to whome buy or wear a Govoni jewel.

ACCURACY IN MATERIALS CHOICE – All precious stones and materials used are of the highest quality and 100% natural. Yellow, white or pink gold’s chromatism, together with the pure brilliance of diamonds, or gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and many others

PASSION AND ART – A Govoni jewel talks about itself, it has its own history and life because it expresses the balance between tradition and innovation. The goldsmith's expression of every creation comes from an original idea, made with paper and pencil; while the subsequent realization deals with technical innovation, where the artisan’s hand can make use of latest technology, managing to enhance its preciousness.

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