Brand's History

Founded in 1980 by Fabio Govoni, Govoni Gioielli proposes Made in Italy prestige, with refinement in colors that range from the most classic forms to the most sought-after and trendy interpretations, holding an exclusive attitude.

Fabio's goldsmith skill has been enhanced by research and artistic experimentation of Roberto Govoni, a specialist in stones and gemology. Quality is his work’s hub, therefore every single stone is natural, follows the Kimberly process chain, and it is "earth mined – not treated", that means 100% natural and ethical. Roberto's art is expression of distinctive character’s exaltation of each of them, in order to enhance their pure beauty in a unique way.

A jewel’s creation means to Fabio and Roberto,first of all explaining and giving meaning and visual voice to the customer's desire.

Cheri is the most famous and prestigious collection of the Govoni Maison on national and international market thanks to its freshness and originality.

The staff

In full observance of these principles, each staff member of the Maison deals with innovation and style, taking care of jewel’s design, using its experience in materials field, and giving life to a unique jewel in order to arise the desired emotions.

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